Hi my name is Jenny King and I’m a certified dental assistant. I’ve been a part of the team since May 2014. I’ve always known I wanted to have a career in the dental field since I was a little kid. I love to make people smile. My favorite thing about working at Grandview Dental Care is that we are like a family and we make a great team.

Fun Facts About Jenny:

  • What is your favorite restaurant in Grandview? The Grandview Café.
  • What is your favorite (family or otherwise) activity in Columbus? I love running; so all the race options!
  • What’s your favorite thing about dentistry? Helping people love their smiles.
  • Where do you hope to travel one day and why? Rome for its amazing architecture!
  • What’s the best part about your job or working at Grandview Dental Care? We are a great team!
  • Why did you decided on a career in dentistry? I’ve wanted to be in the dental field since I was a kid. I loved getting my teeth cleaned!
  • What question do you hear most from patients? How can I get my teeth whiter?
  • What’s your favorite food? Or your favorite meal? I love anything sweet. “Sweet tooth” is an understatement!
  • What is something that makes you smile? My family.
  • Tell us about your pets! I have an adorable dog named Chewy. He’s a 4 pound Yorkie.