Fun Facts About Jenni

  • How did you come to work at Grandview Dental Care?  Came across the ideal job posting and thought, “I’d love to work here!” After a few weeks of communication and interviews I was “the chosen one.” I feel very fortunate and blessed to have been chosen. The doctors and team are amazing!
  • Where do you hope to travel one day and why? Ireland. I’ve always been intrigued by the bright green landscape and old-world feel. It would be fun to explore.
  • What’s so great about dentistry? Everything! I absolutely adore being able to connect with people and helping to calm people. I’m such a dental nerd that I sometimes get caught up in the technical part of dentistry. The human body is so cool and unique and I get to witness that. I love working with my hands and re-creating tooth anatomy. It feels really good to work alongside people who just “get it” and it flows.
  • What is the best part of your job working at Grandview Dental Care? I feel very blessed to be able to work alongside the different and awesome personalities. Everyone takes pride in their work and it shows. It inspires me to push and challenge myself.
  • Favorite Animal? Dog, then horse.
  • What’s your favorite snack or comfort food? Chips and dip and pop. Ruffles and Lawsons French Onion chip dip to be exact.
  • What do you do when you aren’t at work? I probably love naps way too much, but research shows naps are healthy. Lately I’ve been focusing on school but look forward to having my life back. I love to drink wine and paint, listen to music and cook, laugh and visit with friends, cuddle my dogs, and check out new restaurants with my boyfriend Clint.
  • If you were going to splurge on something, what would you do or buy? A house in the country with a few acres or wooded land with a bedroom balcony so I could sit outside on a rainy day and nap or read or paint.