My name is Adrien and I’m a Dental Hygienist. I joined Grandview Dental Care in 2015 and have been practicing my art since graduating from West Liberty University (formerly West Liberty State College) in 2004.

I’m originally from the northern panhandle of West Virginia but currently reside in Gahanna with My husband, Jeremy. We have a grumpy Chihuahua named Miko and an energetic boxer/pit rescue named Roxy. We love outdoor activities and being able to include our pups in those adventures. One of our favorite things to do is skiing/snowboarding. We did get engaged on a Maryland ski slope!

I’m incredibly excited to have the opportunity to be a part of Grandview Dental Care. I can’t wait to provide the BEST care and share my love of dentistry with patients and co-workers!

Fun Facts About Adrien

  • What is your favorite restaurant in Grandview? DK Diner
  • What is your favorite (family or otherwise) activity in Columbus? Kayaking
  • Favorite thing about dentistry? Being able to form great relationships with patients and co-workers. Everyday holds something new and exciting!
  • How did you come to work at Grandview Dental Care? I’ve helped out at GDC in the past and when offered the chance for a full time position, I couldn’t pass it up! The past two years have been amazing!
  • Where do you hope to travel to one day and why? I would love to go to Bora Bora and stay in an over-water bungalow or Iceland to see the Northern Lights
  • What is the one gadget or piece of technology you can’t live without? And why? My cell phone, because I feel lost without it.
  • What’s the best part about your job or working at Grandview Dental Care? My amazing co-workers!
  • Why did you decide on a career in dentistry? My mom suggested it when I was undecided well into my freshman year at college. I transferred to WLU, which was close to home and took an introduction to Dental Hygiene course. I absolutely fell in love with it and the rest is history!
  • What question do you hear the most from patients? “What does fluoride do?” It reduces cavities, is antimicrobial, re-mineralizes any “soft” areas of enamel and desensitizes.
  • What’s your favorite food? Shrimp Pad Thai.
  • What is something that makes you smile? A Pittsburgh win! I love everything about Pittsburgh and I’m not sorry about it!
  • Do you have any pets? My Chihuahua, Miko, is a grumpy old man. He will be 13 this year! I’m pretty sure he has some identity issues because one minute he will be the best face licking cuddle bug and the next he’ll try to bite off your finger! My Boxer/Pit rescue, Roxy, is truly grateful to have a loving home. She is 70 pounds of love bug and will lie next to you for belly rubs anytime! They are the epitome of the odd couple!