New Cone Beam CT Brings 3-D Views to dental X-Ray Imaging


New Cone Beam CT Brings 3-D Views to X-Ray Imaging Over the past century, X-ray imaging has allowed dentists to make incredible strides in dental diagnosis and treatment. Yet traditional X-rays – including the latest panoramic systems — give only a flat, two-dimensional view of the patient’s mouth, jaws and teeth. Recently, dental imaging took a major leap forward with a technology known as Cone Beam Computed Tomography. We’re excited to be among the first Columbus, Ohio dentists to offer this revolutionary 3-D imaging to our patients. Similar to CT scans used in other areas of medicine, the non-invasive Cone … Continue reading

Things you should know about metal-free dentistry


Columbus Ohio non-metal crowns One of the most common questions our patients have about their dental treatment is about what materials we are using to create their fillings, crowns, or veneers. The concern is usually about the use of metal based materials.  The original dental restorations were gold, silver, mercury, and other metals combined together to make crowns or fillings.  Dentists have used these materials for hundreds of years, and many still use them today. While these materials do make quality restorations, we are  a Columbus dentist that believes the metal-free materials we have today are better. We use composite … Continue reading